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Client: Game Machine

Crypto mining platform for gamers

UX-UI DESIGN / logo design

the project

project GOAL

Develop an eye-catching logo and UI design for crypto mining platform in the game industry. Make the design appealing to the core target audience of active gamers.


Game Machine is a crypto mining platform built for gamers. With this app, players can mine cryptocurrency and use it to buy in-game items in popular online games like Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG and others.

Logo design;
UX design;
Interface design



The client wanted the logo to relate to games and technologies at once, and be memorable, simple, and abstract. That meant no coins, gamepads, weapons, and other overused symbols.

I came up with an idea to combine the first letter of the company name with a simplified triangle gaming cursor in a simple and abstract mark.

Gaming cursor
Letter G
The idea
Logo grid system


Desktop App

The product is a crypto mining platform with a built-in catalog. Users mine crypto and go to the shop to browse and buy items. Purchased items appear in inventory where users can withdraw them.

The business makes money by taking a share of all crypto mined by users. As a product designer, my task was to make users mine as much as possible by designing great UX and interface.

Dashboard and mining panel
Shop — popular